Monday, October 6, 2014

What would you do, if the world was waiting on you?

- a poem about happiness

to me it is simple,
to dream of a life of freedom,
from what society expects.
it will not make me happy to have a brood of five,
i need more to make me complete,
i need more to feel alive.
gathering the information others have left behind,
completing their puzzles,
they ran out of time.
i am a simple woman who wants very detailed things,
but in this life,
those are the happiest things.
to think of a world for my daughter without boundaries or hesitation,
the youth that is now,
must change this generation.
when i think i could be apart of a great big movement,
all i can think about,
is how to make this improvement.
being selfish at the core,
should not make me feel,
as if i am not giving my family more.
a vision and movement of my own,
so special and true,
i have a plan and i know exactly what to do.
when i am asked what makes me happiest,
the answer is quite simple.
to give the world the best of me,
truly and whole heartedly.

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