Monday, October 6, 2014

What would you do, if the world was waiting on you?

- a poem about happiness

to me it is simple,
to dream of a life of freedom,
from what society expects.
it will not make me happy to have a brood of five,
i need more to make me complete,
i need more to feel alive.
gathering the information others have left behind,
completing their puzzles,
they ran out of time.
i am a simple woman who wants very detailed things,
but in this life,
those are the happiest things.
to think of a world for my daughter without boundaries or hesitation,
the youth that is now,
must change this generation.
when i think i could be apart of a great big movement,
all i can think about,
is how to make this improvement.
being selfish at the core,
should not make me feel,
as if i am not giving my family more.
a vision and movement of my own,
so special and true,
i have a plan and i know exactly what to do.
when i am asked what makes me happiest,
the answer is quite simple.
to give the world the best of me,
truly and whole heartedly.

Thursday, October 2, 2014


We hit the park before the rain. The original plan was to ride her scooter, but the playground won. The playground always wins. I am so proud of Kimbah for going down the slides herself, a few weeks ago she would not. She had so much fun playing, I let her stay out until she wanted to come in. These park days will become less frequent as it gets colder, so we might as well enjoy it while we can!

Hope you enjoy this little video :)



Hi + Welcome.

If you are a new follower or you have been following along with me for a while, I want to take a minute to re-introduce myself along with my new blog design. My name is Jessica ( you can call me Jess or Jesse). I am a mother, a wife, a student, a sister etc. We are a military family living in eastern VA, by way of San Diego, CA.  I have a two year old daughter named Kimberly ( Kimbah ) Penelope who is energetic, funny, and loving. I am a working mother on the weekends. I work the night shift taking care of the elderly. I am studying to get my MD in Neuroscience, and practice Neurological Reorganization. I love to cook, I love being crafty, and I love the outdoors. I am not sure exactly where this blog is going as far as set categories. That is where you come in!

Please comment below or comment on my IG letting me know what you would like to see me post about. DIY, RECIPES, STUDENT/WORK LIFE, FITNESS, VLOGGING, HOMESCHOOLING etc.

Thanks for the input + interest.



I am more often than not the weirdest one in the bunch. I make weird comments, do weird things, or just have a weird attitude. I love being weird. I love being different, not of the norm. I love all things weird and unexplained, I am always wondering and second guessing. I love conspiracy theories and I love the unknown. If its something that is unordinary, you will most likely find me interested in it.
I could go on and on about the things I love that are weird but that list will go on forever. I can however let you in on the very first memories of where by weirdness stemmed, It goes back to my childhood, living in my grandparents house in Oceanside, CA.

 Since it is close to Halloween, it is fitting to start the month off with a weird and creepy story.

When I was about five or seven, or even six.... My grandfather died. I loved him so much. He was a younger man, in his sixties. He died while he was sleeping on his couch in a front living room. My best friend Claudia, who lived across the road would walk his dog for him sometimes. She came over to find that my grandfather was not answering the door, but the front door was wide open, just the screen door was shut & locked. I am not sure if this next part was my imagination, or if it really happened, but Claudia looked in the window and found my grandfather there on the couch. I believe she went to the neighbor and asked for help, and they came etc.  Now I was a tiny girl and this is what I remember from hearing adults talking around me. I cant be sure if this was what happened or if this is all something made up in my head. Either way, its the story i've been telling myself since it happened so lets just move on.

 My mother was given the home after my grandfather passed away. It took a long time for the things that reminded me of my grandfather to fade away. The smell of his pipe tobacco, the blankets that he used to keep on the sofa, the candies that he used to hide in the cupboard for us. My mother never got rid of the couches that he died on. This is where my paranoia came from the weird living/dead supernatural etc.

 For as long as I can remember I knew ghosts were real. My childhood was filled with watching Hocus Pocus, The Craft, Now & Then, Witches of Eastwick, Teenwich, ect. I wanted to be able to speak to the dead, cast spells, voodoo dolls. As a young girl, these desires are weird right? I think so. Anyway. I felt my grandfather in the home when I was with my mom. My mother and father were separated, I spent some nights with my mom, some with my dad. When I was at my moms I could hardly sleep. I always felt as if I was being watched, or that someone was always right next to me. It was not until years later that my mom felt the presence, as she was throwing out those old couches that he passed away on. I was told once to speak to the spirits, acknowledge they are there, and it wont be as bad. Whoever told me that was right. I spoke freely to my grandfather and told him that I would prefer to not feel the way I did, and I would like to be able to sleep at night. I never had a problem sleeping again in that house.

I have always felt a connection with the afterlife, and thats not all. I am truly obsessed with outer space, the unknown out there, and how we can possibly see so far away, but can never travel there. I am amazed with technology and how the human brain is so advanced that we can make a telescope that can see as far as we can. It makes me believe that there are other beings out there that are more advanced than us. To think we are the only intelligent form of life in that vast universe?

UFOs make my heart skip beats. Crop circles amaze me, ancient drawings and statues that are older than dirt, make my brain run in circles. I do believe in magic, the impossible, the weird and unknown. I am a skeptic, thats for sure. I am always second guessing the "norm". In life I really believe there are people who just get by everyday doing what they are told, listening to the news and believing what they say, but I am not one of those people. I love the idea of research and coming to your own conclusions. To have a mind and make your own decisions based on your own thoughts and ideas. Not being swayed by what is popular, or what your family or friends think. Being weird is something I am proud of. I would not have it any other way, really. Keeping it weird since 89'

Thanks for reading my rant.
 - I am doing a 30 day writing challenge so if you are interested, I will be posting daily.


Sunday, June 22, 2014

Natural Remedy for Hand Foot Mouth Disease

 About a week ago, Kimbah came down with a fever, congestion, cough, ect. I thought it was a common cold, and let it run its course. Kimbah and I went and toured a daycare a few days before she came down with symptoms, so I assume thats where she got it. I could be wrong, it could have been the shopping cart at the grocery store, it could have been the park. I had no idea what it truly was until her high fever broke and she came down with a rash. It was a rash on her hands, feet, and mouth. It was on her knees and her elbows too, so I thought it was Roseola. I mean, every mother is a hypochondriac and I know that moms get to google and you suddenly think your child has a rare form of blood disease.. anyway. I did something I rarely do. I called her Pediatrician. She advised me that if in fact it was Hand Foot Mouth, there wasnt anything she could do for her, I would just have to watch the rash, and keep Kimbah comfortable. I was back on my own to search the internet for home remedies, holistic approaches, ect.

When I was looking at Instagram #handfootmouth , Pinterest , texting local friends, I only found a handful of articles related to home cures. I settled on a home remedy that kicked Hand Foot and Mouth to the curb in just three short days. From the time the rash appeared, to the faded almost non existent rash on the third day.

Here is what you will need on hand.

  1. Dr. Bronners Magic Soap in Lavender
  2. 100% Pure Essential Oil in Frankinscense
  3. Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil
  4. Elderberry Syrup

The night that the rash appeared, the health food store was closed. I still count this day as the first day because the rash was light pink and the spots were nothing more than a heat rash looking rash. This is the point I thought she had Roseola.

Rash was more prominent on her hands, feet and mouth. To be specific, she never developed sores in or around her mouth, but I still treated the area as a precaution. The sores were a deeper pink, spread out, and forming a white blister like appearance. I put her in the bath two times a day.  Morning and night I would give her Elderberry, a Lavender bath, and rub her down with the Frankinscense oil mixed with Coconut oil. After she had absorbed all the oils, I would apply the Frankinsence directly to her hands and feet with a cotton ball. I would reapply the coconut/essential oil mix 3xs a day, morning bath, afternoon , and evening bath.


Rash and sores are no longer pink/red. Most of the rash is completely gone, all thats left are the sores that were somewhat blistered. These sores crusted over and dried out. I still continued the bath/oil/elderberry regimen.


Rash completely gone. YAY

What worked for us, may not work for you, but its a simple/natural/holistic approach to a pretty nasty disease. My child is a healthy girl, with a strong immune system. She is non vaccinated & is given probiotics daily along with a healthy diet.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Twenty five during 25.

I'd like to visit a waterfall
I'd like to visit New York City 
I'd like to go to the ballet
I'd like to sew a quilt
I'd like to write & publish a childrens book
I'd like to start a family cookbook
I'd like to make something out of wood
I'd like to go platinum blonde
I'd like to grow my own vegetables 
I'd like to get a job in the medical field
I'd like to make beef jerky
I'd like to go vegan for one month
I'd like to meet an internet friend in person
I'd like to visit the DC zoo
I'd like to learn how to play the ukulele 
I'd like to volunteer
I'd like to visit Florida 
I'd like to make my own beauty products
I'd like to make all handmade gifts for Xmas
I'd like to see a movie at a drive in
I'd like to take a yoga class
I'd like to keep a journal
I'd like to print and frame photos of my family and hang them in my house
I'd like to have a pen pal & write every week. 
I'd like to do something nice for someone annonomously. 

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