Sunday, June 22, 2014

Natural Remedy for Hand Foot Mouth Disease

 About a week ago, Kimbah came down with a fever, congestion, cough, ect. I thought it was a common cold, and let it run its course. Kimbah and I went and toured a daycare a few days before she came down with symptoms, so I assume thats where she got it. I could be wrong, it could have been the shopping cart at the grocery store, it could have been the park. I had no idea what it truly was until her high fever broke and she came down with a rash. It was a rash on her hands, feet, and mouth. It was on her knees and her elbows too, so I thought it was Roseola. I mean, every mother is a hypochondriac and I know that moms get to google and you suddenly think your child has a rare form of blood disease.. anyway. I did something I rarely do. I called her Pediatrician. She advised me that if in fact it was Hand Foot Mouth, there wasnt anything she could do for her, I would just have to watch the rash, and keep Kimbah comfortable. I was back on my own to search the internet for home remedies, holistic approaches, ect.

When I was looking at Instagram #handfootmouth , Pinterest , texting local friends, I only found a handful of articles related to home cures. I settled on a home remedy that kicked Hand Foot and Mouth to the curb in just three short days. From the time the rash appeared, to the faded almost non existent rash on the third day.

Here is what you will need on hand.

  1. Dr. Bronners Magic Soap in Lavender
  2. 100% Pure Essential Oil in Frankinscense
  3. Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil
  4. Elderberry Syrup

The night that the rash appeared, the health food store was closed. I still count this day as the first day because the rash was light pink and the spots were nothing more than a heat rash looking rash. This is the point I thought she had Roseola.

Rash was more prominent on her hands, feet and mouth. To be specific, she never developed sores in or around her mouth, but I still treated the area as a precaution. The sores were a deeper pink, spread out, and forming a white blister like appearance. I put her in the bath two times a day.  Morning and night I would give her Elderberry, a Lavender bath, and rub her down with the Frankinscense oil mixed with Coconut oil. After she had absorbed all the oils, I would apply the Frankinsence directly to her hands and feet with a cotton ball. I would reapply the coconut/essential oil mix 3xs a day, morning bath, afternoon , and evening bath.


Rash and sores are no longer pink/red. Most of the rash is completely gone, all thats left are the sores that were somewhat blistered. These sores crusted over and dried out. I still continued the bath/oil/elderberry regimen.


Rash completely gone. YAY

What worked for us, may not work for you, but its a simple/natural/holistic approach to a pretty nasty disease. My child is a healthy girl, with a strong immune system. She is non vaccinated & is given probiotics daily along with a healthy diet.


  1. Hi how much elderberry and lavender soap did you put in the bath? And do you put the oils (frankinscence and coconut oil) in the bath as well? I guess I'm confused because you mentioned to apply the frankincense once the oil are absorbed.

  2. Hi Jen,
    I put approx 10 drops of the dr Bronners magic soap lavender, into her bath. It's enough to make the water a milky color. She gets about 2 tbsp of the elderberry. What I did was mixed a lotion of about 4 tbsp of coconut oil with 5 drops frankenscense EO. After that was absorbed I applied the oil directly with a cotton ball. I had her in the bath 3x a day and applied the lotion after every bath. Hope that answered your question, if not, I can get more specific if you need.

  3. Do you take elderberry by mouth or put it in bath?

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  5. Is normal that they get like a white color?

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