Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Week nineteen update

Here comes the halfway mark in my pregnancy. I really need to stop and take it all in before it's over. Kevin and I have decided our daughter will be our one and only. I have my reasons why I only want one child, and no matter what people say, we are planning to keep it just is three. I have been feeling wonderful, no sickness or moodswings.. I think. Ive been trying to prepare for her arrival little by little. I have been buying her things here and there, mostly her diapers. I decided before getting pregnant that I would cloth diaper & breast feed my child. I really can't wait to snuggle the cuteness out of her while she is nursing. I also decided on a natural birth. Hopefully you all can come on this journey with us. I have a doctors appointment on Friday and her anatomy scan on Monday. I am terrified of the doctor telling me that our little she, has turned into a he. I know it happens all the time so it's a natural thing to stress about. I'm also on the hunt for vintage Disney books at thrift stores. I want her to have an amazing selection of classic stories. Some of my worries at the moment is moving. Since the navy is hit or miss, I need to be on my toes at all times. We could be told we have to move at any time, so keeping that in the back of my mind takes up a lot of space. Another thing that I think about is, working after she gets here. One of the reasons I want her to be an only child is because, I want a career. I want to stay home with her for the first two years and complete the Glen Doman Better Baby Program. That is VERY important to me, and probably the most important part of me being a mother. I will more than likely keep nannying until she is two, while attending school. I hope to be working in the medical field by the time she is three. It's important to have goals, and I feel it's important to set an example for your children. They need to see their parents working hard, and realizing success comes from hard work. I want to give her the world, you know? I want to give my husband the world as well. I want to contribute income to our family as well as be an attentive mother to my child. I only feel I can achieve this with the plan I have in my head. I have great support from my husband and I'm thankful for that. I'm thankful for the tiny feet and arms that poke me throughout the day, reminding me to chose the apple instead of the potato chips, I'm thankful for my growing stomach that makes me realize my body is a temple, and I'm thankful for all the aches and pains that have come along with pregnancy.

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