Sunday, September 2, 2012


Move Update:
 We are here! Yes, its been an adjustment. The humidity is retarded, and the rain just sneaks up on you at the most random times. Our home is coming together nicely. All the boxes are almost emptied and most things are put away. The decor is no where near where I want it, but its a work in progress. We finally got cable and internet today, after two long weeks without it. I never thought I would miss trashy reality TV so badly. We set up the nursery as much as we could. Her crib is put together, and we put her bookshelf/changing table together too. We need to paint the walls and get a rug, but we figure that stuff can be done in time. We love our new neighborhood. The people here are so nice and friendly. I cant go anywhere without someone touching or asking about my very pregnant belly. It makes me smile every time someone asks, " When are you due??" and I reply , " Any day now!" It really has not hit me yet. I could be going into labor at any moment. We have found a few great places to eat, mostly in Virginia Beach.  My personal favorite is DW's Mongolian Grill. YUM CITY! We also enjoy the Strawberry Fields Gelato in Downtown Norfolk. Firehouse Subs is our favorite sub place so far, and they even have a Whataburger close by too. It still doesnt beat In-n-Out, but it will do. Kevin has made a friend in the 'hood. He is a cool guy, pretty laid back. We went to dinner with him the other night and it was really nice to have company. I had been looking for some part time work lately, something super flexible that would allow me to bring Kimbah with me when she was born. I found a super convenient job as a nanny/tutor for an eight year old boy who lives down the road from me. His parents just want me to pick him up from school and help him with his homework. I am super excited about this because we have a super fancy stroller, I need to lose this baby weight, and his school is literally right down the road. Can you say SCORE?? Yeah, well I think I lucked out pretty hard. Oh yeah, and I get to bring Kimbah as soon as she is born. Fort Monroe hosts some pretty cool events. It seems like people just love to come here to hangout. On our nightly walks we will always say to each other how lucky we are to live here. The ocean is only minutes down the road, there are fishing piers close too. It makes me miss home a bit when I am staring out into the Atlantic, but any ocean is better than no ocean right? 

Baby Update:
 38 Weeks. 38 long and tiring weeks. I just want her here. I want to see what she will look like. I want to hold her in my arms and swim in her love. It is very uncomfortable to live right now. I cant put on my pants, so I rarely wear them. Sleeping is a challenge. I find that laying on my back is the most comfortable, but that is still very difficult. I have been taking evening primrose oil daily to ready my cervix, and raspberry leaf tea to prepare my uterus. Idk how much those things help, but I am trying to convince myself they will put me into natural labor asap! Some major and very unfortunate news- Kevin will have to be going underway on her due date/our anniversary. This is something that totally screws up my birth plan. I planned on having a natural/unmedicated birth. That has been my goal for the last nine months. Life on the other hand, has a different plan. My family wont be here for the birth.(Thats a whole different story that I dont want to go into at the moment). In order for Kevin to be with me for the birth, I will need to be induced. Our Dr told us I can be induced at 39 weeks. That is one week away. We have lots to think about over here. I am about to take a bath and soak my ever so aching body in some bath salts. Thanks for reading our update!

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