Monday, October 1, 2012

A Birth Story

Kimberly Penelope Werner
Born September 25th, 2012 @ 10:42pm
8lbs 1oz, 20 & 3/4 in

This is our story of how our journey to motherhood & babyhood began. Please note that I am trying to remember all that I can, and I may jump from one point to another from time to time. I will try to stay in order though. Monday September 24th, 2012, I was set to be induced at 6:00pm. My mother in law came from California to be with me, and I am forever appreciative to have her support during this process. We arrived at Langley Air Force Base Hospital around 5:30pm. I am usually always on time or early to appointments, its kinda my thing. They set us up in a room and I changed into my gown. I had two nurses who were only on shift for about another hour, I never even asked their names. These two nurses were the ones to set up the IV in my arm. I have never had an IV before and let me tell you... That was one of the more painful things I went through during labor and delivery. So that was done, and the doctor was going to come in to see me and check my cervix. My cervix was staying pretty far back and was stuck at 1/2 cm for three weeks. I tried everything under the sun to get my cervix to thin and become more favorable, but nothing helped. At this point I was 41 weeks pregnant. The doctor that was on call was named Dr. Lewis. She came in to my room and told me we were going to start ripening my cervix with a foley bulb. Basically, if you dont know what this is, its a balloon that is inserted into the cervix, and blown up to 4cm. When the balloon falls out, you know that your dilated to 4cm. I knew when she checked my cervix that this was not the option I wanted to go with, and asked for the medicine called cervidil. This medicine is a shoe string like tape that they insert into the vagina and it stays there until 12 hours after, then they check you again. This is the option I wanted. Was this the option I got? No. The Doctor insisted that she do the foley bulb and that I would just feel a lot of pressure. I kicked and screamed and felt like I was being tortured in a medieval way. My mother in law told her to stop what she was doing, and the doctor told her I needed to tell her to stop or else she would keep going. I told her to stop at once. She then inserted the cervidil. Why she didnt want to do that in the first place? I have no idea. I found it very rude that she did that to me, and I am very upset I allowed it to happen. Anyways.. The cervidil was in place and all I had to do was wait 12 hours and be checked again to see where we would go as far as starting me on pitocin. When I came into the hospital and I was hooked to the monitors, I was having regular contractions. I couldnt feel them, but they were there. I then was given another doctor due to shift change and a new nurse. These women made my birthing experience. Ms. Jones , Nurse Melissa, and Nurse Cathy. This was my dream team people. Melissa made sure she informed me of everything she was doing and came to check on me every 15 mins. We started the pitocin around 11am on Sept 25th. I was 2cm when I started the pitocin. Melissa had told me that the contractions we going to get stronger as she bumped up my doses, and boy did they hurt. I was always told that pitocin contractions dont let up, and they are back to back. No one was lying when they said that. It was hell. I ended up getting an epidural at 5cm. It took the pain away quickly, but it made my daughters heart rate drop even quicker. In a matter of seconds I had the whole staff flipping me over and Ms Jones breaking my water. She had to put internal monitoring on my daughters head to get an accurate heart rate, and when she did that she found I had meconium in my sack. We had intervention upon intervention. I was lying there helpless and nervous for my baby. As soon as my water broke the labor went rather quickly. When I was checked, I was complete and ready to push. The feeling I had when she told me I could start pushing my baby out was unreal. I didnt want to at that point. I felt like keeping her inside me. I knew she needed to come out. I started pushing and it took 3 hours. When nurse Cathy called Ms Jones in to deliver her, the NICU team was all set up to make sure Kimbah was okay. They explained to me that they didnt want her to cry when she came out, and for not one person to stimulate her to cry. She was born at 10:42pm, and examined by the NICU. She checked out healthy and was placed on my chest skin to skin. It was the proudest moment of my life. She was finally here in my arms. Everything was worth it in the end. I know that this was completely the other direction from my original birth plan. I just know you cant quite plan for things you have no control over. I was told by all the staff that I was so great at laboring my child and my delivery was amazing. I listened to all that I was told I had to do to keep my baby safe, and I wouldnt change anything for the world. She is so perfect and I cant believe I am her mom. Now all we need is her daddy to come home and meet her! Thanks for reading our story! 


  1. Well done, Mommy! :) So proud of you. I look forward to future posts of all the wonderful moments you will share with Kimbah <3

    1. Thank you!! Im so in love with her Id do it all again.


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