Friday, November 30, 2012

A Nice Walk Around Our Hood.

we took a walk around our neighborhood. it was the first time we took a walk in her big girl seat! she was riding in her bassinet for our nightly walks before, but i felt it was time to move on up. she really loved it. 

fall is really showing up around here, and we love it! the base put up christmas lights, and are lighting a tree in the middle of the fort. the weather has been colder than id like, but upper 50's and low 60's is okay with me. when i was pregnant with kimberly we would walk at night to speed up the labor process. (that didnt work by the way). we would always talk about how we would be walking a baby around our hood soon, and how much joy we would get from seeing her face light up at the new things she would be seeing. I tried to capture some of the expressions she had, but it was hard pushing a stroller and snapping pics. Oops. She wasnt sure about the wind in her face, or the fact that her snow suit is like two times to big for her. shes a little marshmallow. it might have been a chilly afternoon, but her on a walk with me warmed my heart. we only made it so far before she started spitting up all over herself, so we went back home. 
hope you enjoy the pics!

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