Friday, January 4, 2013

Three months, baby

three months? really?
yeah i dont know where time has gone really. between every hour feedings and spit up parties id imagine thats where the hours, mins and days went. we have made it this far without completely losing our cool, and thats amazing. lots of things have happened since our last post. we just made it back from las vegas for holiday. it was amazing spending time with my in-laws. kimbah got to meet her cousins brooke and rush, and aunt g & uncle j. she had tons of fun meeting her papa ne and nonnie. the way over was a headache, and the flight home was even bigger of a headache. but count your blessings people! traveling with a three months old is a tough situation. maybe ill make a separate post about it, maybe not. im going to make a quick list of things that im super proud of my babe for accomplishing this past month. 
  1. weighs in at 12.8 lbs
  2. grew over a half inch
  3. rolled over from back to tummy, tummy to back
  4. reaching out her tiny hands and grabbing things
  5. eye tracking the heck out of objects
  6. being such a good babe on a 5 + hour plane ride x 2
  7. being a good baby for 9 + hours in JFK airport day after christmas. 
  8. controlling her spit up parties.
  9. smiling like there is no tomorrow
  10. endlessly showing us her amazing personality
now here is the part where i get honest about the past three months. its been hard. it has been easier than the first month, hands down. my little has a personality like no other baby ive ever met. it doesnt feel like im alone anymore. she is a little person that has completely ran away with my heart. we are still co-sleeping. this is hard on me for two reasons. reason back. oh it aches like nothing ive ever felt. reason two...she is the most horrible sleeper. she is a tosser, turner, talker, kicker, groaner,crier.... all of the above. it makes it impossible for me to get any kind of sound sleep. but you know what? i cant let her out of my reach. I literally have the bassinet bedside. not close enough. if she isnt in my arm nook... its not close enough. its gonna be rough, but i gotta do something about this arrangement. her feedings are going well. she is going through a growth spurt at the moment, wanting to eat every two hours. its hard on me, but its worth it. i keep reminding myself that she isnt going to stay this little forever. i must cherish these moments while i can. my favorite is when she falls asleep mid feed. i wont move for anything. even if i have hold my pee for hours. i cant wait for what the future has in store for our family. here is to the next 3 months.

i lub you kim.

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