Thursday, November 8, 2012

First Month Of Baby Bliss

My baby is one month old. 
Where has the time gone? I couldnt tell ya. It seems like just yesterday I was giving birth to her and bringing her home. She is now six weeks old, but hey, life happens and you dont get a minute to yourself to blog. I have a minute now, so here it goes. 


  • holding her head up on her own
  • smiling at her mama and daddy
  • sleeping somewhat through the night
  • stopped using the nipple shield at 3 weeks
  • outgrown her newborn cloth diapers
  • outgrown her newborn clothing
  • vision is focused
  • can suck on her binky and not let it fall out
Things she is loving at One Month:

  • her binky. She only takes one kind now. Playtex Essentials.
  • her swing. We use the Fisher Price cradle swing.
  • her car rides. Normally she falls asleep, but she loves it anyways.
  • her milk. She will empty both sides till she pukes. 
  • her mamas cuddles. She sleeps with me nightly.
  • her walks. She loves to lay in her bassinet and go for a walk. We use an Uppababy Vista.
  • Her cloth diapers. Happy bum, happy baby.
  • her glow worm. 
  • her bath time. She will turn into a prune if I let her. 
  • her books. Current favorite- The Giving Tree.
Currently Struggling With:

  •  Spit up. Lots and Lots of spit up. I am believing its because of a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance, but we cant be sure. Ive been block feeding for a few days now, it seems to help. We also got the all homeopathic remedy called Colic Calm. I dont know how well it works, but we mainly got it for her gas. I am going to eliminate dairy from my diet as soon as the milk is gone in the house. I really dont wanna do this! we will see how this goes. 
  • Cleaning up the house. Never enough time to do this. Well, I could be cleaning instead of blogging... But what fun is that?
  • Letting go. I can let go of any of her tiny baby things. I just dont want to forget anything. 
  • My body. Well, I guess im not struggling with it as much as im getting used to it. Things just dont fall like they used to. I sag in places i never sagged before. Hrmph. 

Currently Looking Forward To:

  • The Holidays. We will be going to Las Vegas to spend time with Kimbahs Papa Ne! Should be a great time. 
  • Thanksgiving Dinner. Gullivers Corn. All the goodness that comes along with it. 
  • The New Year. New Beginnings. 
  • Decorating this house. Setting up a craft space, and getting creative. 
  • Finding out if I will be an Aunt to a niece or nephew in a few weeks. MEEP! 
  • Life in general. So excited about it. I am so lucky. 


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