Tuesday, November 6, 2012

How lucky am I?

Pretty lucky lady right here. My baby girl is six weeks old today. WHAT?? yea. blows my mind too peeps. daddy is home and we are settling rather nicely into this family of three we have going on here. as i sit back and watch my daughter sleep in her swing, i cant help but thank the stars for whatever i did to deserve this life i live. my PPD is gone, i am happier then ever, and i want to list a few things i am thankful for today.

  1. my husband. (my best friend)
  2. my daughter.(my mini)
  3. my family.(my supporters)
  4. my cat.(my first born)
  5. my morning cup of coffee.(my energy)
  6. my job.(my money)
  7. my home.(my serenity)
  8. my bed.(my rest)
  9. my telephone.(my communication)
  10. my bathtub.(my slice of heaven)

you could say i got lucky, like a four leaf clover.

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