Wednesday, January 16, 2013


its very easy to get carried away in the first stages of pregnancy. what you think you need, what you really need, and what you dont need, but have to buy anyway. we have so many odds and ends around the house that just drive me crazy. i know it will only get worse as she gets older. Legos stuck in cabinets, playdoh crusted to the floor, i know. its not going to get cleaner, only messier & more unorganized. do we really need all this stuff? i have the habit of walking down the baby isle every time we walk into the grocery store, even if we dont need anything at all. my daughter is already difficult in the fact that the only pacifiers she uses are discontinued now. i think i am developing a tick for searching for these pacifiers in every store, every shelf. i dont even want to think about walking out of the house without one. i know, i know. its against what i believe in. i dont want my daughter attached to something as a way of coping or easing her anxiety, but.....well yeah. 
even though the stuff drives me crazy....
the tiny sized things steal my heart in a way i couldnt ever dream up. 
i couldnt be more in love with the little person these things belong to. 
its worth it. forever.

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  1. I feel your pain on the paci's!! I don't know if you remember but my son also had the old style paci with the big suckie. We were not planning on them being changed or discounted so we didn't buy more than one set. Well here we are about a year later and he only has one left and it is in bad shape!!!! It is probably horrible for me to still let him have it because it is falling apart but i'm not ready to take it away from him. Good side is he only uses if for sleeping or if we go in the car. Bad thing is I just hope it lasts long enough until he can understand that it broke and we had to throw it away. And as for the toys/junk I too try to keep the house clean because I just don't like clutter of random things laying around but it seems impossible the older they get. Sky will drag out every toy he has then get up and walk away and not touch any of his toys. It blows my mind how he can have so much to play with but he would rather have the remote or my cell phone or just a cord laying on the ground. Oh goodness I have just rambled on and on in this comment. I am sorry.


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