Friday, September 20, 2013


Ok, so some of you might know what we have been up to. Most of you dont. I wanted to just jump to our corner of the internet to let yall know whats been happening in our day- to days. 

Kimbah is turning one next week. In just a few short days I will have a full one year old talking. almost walking, stair climbing, full night sleeping child. She is keeping me on my toes these days thats for sure. I am quite content with where we are right now, and that such a good thing. I know my last few posts have been ones that arent that cheery, but real. This one is full of fun, and happy faces. Promise. 
Lets start off with some exciting new daily stuff. We got a new family! Hold on, not abandoning ours, we just got added to another one. 

After searching for what felt like forever, Im sure you all felt like I would keep talking about it forever, we finally found our match.

Kimbah and I work part-time(ish) for a family with three boys. Three very active, fun boys. They arent from around here, so we share that in common. The boys are home schooled, so that leaves the days semi open for us to get out and explore, and I get to use my pinterest for something now! Their mom and I are just ironing out the kinks.. but we are equally excited about it. So during the day I am usually hanging out with four kids. Its pretty chaotic sometimes, but super fun. HAPPY for new friends (small and big) Their mom has become a friend as well as a boss- i really hate calling the parents of the kids i care for bosses- it never feels that way. We are on the same team! Equal partners.  

Now for some fun photos, you might have already seen. I just dumped all my photos into iphoto from my iphone, so these were some I picked.

^^^ Bass Pro Shops Photo Op. ^^^
Seriously, babies in cowboy anything....

 ^^^ We went to the Portsmouth Childrens Museum^^^
That is Peyton. Kimbahs BEST friend guys.

^^^ Blue Bird Gap Farm^^^
Kimbah wasnt too sure about the animals. This farm is great because it is a free petting zoo, and has an awesome playground. 

^^^ Peyton and Kimbah at the McArthur Center play area.^^^
These two, im telling you.

 ^^^ Kimbah is just now starting to play on the playground. She wants to do everything anyone else is doing. This is her in the lady bug at Sandy Bottom Nature Park on homeschool meet up Tuesdays^^^

 ^^^Climbing stairs.^^^
 We dont have baby gates at home, and no baby gates at the boys's house. im all about her being able to explore and learn how to do things... but geeze lady, you give your mom a heart attack.
^^^ Picking out some toys for her birthday.^^^
I took kimbah to toys r us the other day and let her pick out some of her gifts. I sat her in this car just for fun, but It scared the life out of me, because it was like I was watching her leave for college all in one blink.

I am going to do a one year post next week(ish) sometime. I havnt been the greatest with keeping up with her milestones. BUT her grammy and auntie and uncle are coming into town next week, we are going to DC, and having a party for her. I will have lots to update on, just gotta make it through the next two weeks. I hope you all have a fabulous day, and even more fab weekend. XOXO


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