Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Three Days Gone

Its been three days. Three days since I said my bye bye's to this wonderful man I call my husband. The first day was hard. I mean, I cried all day long. I didnt get out of our bed, and I looked through every photo we ever took together. I read his text messages over and over again, and I listened to all the saved voicemail messages I have saved on my phone. I curled up with his tee shirt that he wore to bed the night before he left, and I took in heavy amounts of his smell. I listened to our love song on repeat, and I fell asleep on his side of the bed. I woke up every hour on the hour. When he is home, he has the horrible habit of falling asleep on the couch and I have to wake him up and tell him to come to bed. I walked out to the living room to find an empty couch, and no husband to follow me back to bed. Last night was easier. I held my cat closer than ever, and I surrounded myself in a sea of pillows. I made sure to go to sleep later than usual so that I wouldnt wake up so many times, just to be reminded he wasnt coming to bed. I have been getting emails from him almost three or four times a day. We write back and forth all day and it makes me happy knowing he can contact me so frequently. He writes me of what its like to be at sea, and how his days are packed with duty and standing watch. He can sit outside and watch the waves crash and smell the salt in the air. That makes me happy to know that the sea relaxes him. He has been working on his fitness and getting as much sleep as he can. He tells me all the time how he misses me and cant wait to come home to meet his daughter. His days are so busy and the time is really flying by for him. I know that when this baby comes ill be very busy, and time will fly for me too. His birthday will be a few days after he gets back and I want to do something super fun for him. He will be getting his 10 days leave to spend with me and the baby, and we hope to celebrate our anniversary then. Maybe we can go to Washington DC or something cool like that. I better start planning something! I love him with all my heart. He is such a great man. Such a great husband and I know he will make a fantastic father. Soon enough we will be together again as a new family! I cant wait. It will be everything I have ever wanted and more.


  1. This made me cry. I'm so sorry you have to be away from him but youre so strong!! Keep your head up honey he will come home to you soon enough!! Lots of love to you and the baby!!

  2. I gotta keep strong! The woman is the backbone of the family ya know? If im not strong when he needs me to be, it will do no good. Soon baby will be here and I will have my hands full. Then hubby will be home and all will be right again!! Thanks for your support. It really means the world to me.


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