Tuesday, February 19, 2013


washington dc
presidents weekend 2013

i am making these posts in three parts. one part for each day we visited. alot of the photos are scattered here and there. some on kevins phone, my phone, and our family cam. 
this post will be from saturday.

we had talked about going up to dc on kevins three day weekend, but we didnt decide on it until saturday morning. we are known to just pick up and adventure. even with a almost 5 month old. we packed up the car with just a few changes of clothes, our stroller, and diaper bag.
(for anyone wondering if we cloth diaper on the go....the answer is no)

we only live about three hours away from dc, so it was a short drive. kim did great during the drive. something i was nervous about. but honestly....ive traveled by airplane with this baby multiple times now, even surviving a 12 hour layover the day after Xmas in JFK airport. whats is so scary about a 3 hour car ride? idk. 
see? trusty bath toy turned road trip hero. she laughed at this frog he entire way.
its the little things i guess.

when we got to dc we headed straight to the white house. but first we needed to find parking. we knew it would be super cold, so we dressed accordingly. seriously, if you live in the colder areas of the united states, invest in a cozy cover. i cant believe more people havnt heard about this car seat cover. i get more questions and comments about it then any other piece of baby gear i have. it was a life saver. 
so here we are walking to the white house. 

if anyone is wondering what type of stroller i use, its an UppaBaby Vista. her infant car seat is a Maxi Cosi Mico. perfect combo in my opinion. i loved this stroller before our trip, but i love it so much more after this weekend. it has a huge basket underneath, that held a diaper bag (petunia pickle bottom weekender), two adult jackets, water bottles, ergo carrier, and then some.

the white house!
we thought it was pretty neat.

we made our way to one of our favorite sandwich shops, that we dont have in virginia or california. potbelly subs!

soooooo good. we were all about great food this weekend. we got lots of it too. 
after we ate, we went to the capitol building. 

dc is so breath taking. i wouldnt mind living on capitol hill.
i really want to see dc in the spring, when the cherry blossoms are blooming. 
it just seems like a really fun place to live. such a scenic area.

my handsome husband and our baby girl. i cant get enough.

& kinda our first family photo.

we kinda love you dc. 

that was our first day. we headed back to the hotel after this for some rest. 
we went to 2amys pizza that night for dinner. it was some of the best pizza we ever ate.
i thiiiiink i got pictures. 

hope you enjoyed the photos. 


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