Monday, March 25, 2013


lets see. 
 I feel like i have no inspiration here. i dont know why but i cant get into the whole blogspot thing. i think its the fact that i dont have the app on my phone, so it takes mucho effort to transfer things to this space. i do it because it is the only place ive written about my pregnancy and so on. so ill continue to update it, but if you dont already have instagram, you should get it and follow us. 

kims grammy is coming to visit tomorrow and we are suuuuper happy about it. we never have visitors or even company for that matter. its been a long time since we have seen our family. we saw his side of the family around christmas, but its been almost five months since i last saw mine. it gets lonely here without my friends and family, so seeing kevins mom for a week will be a breath of fresh air. we plan on going to washington dc again to see the cherry blossoms. thats pretty major for me. i kinda obsess over DC, but spring time will be amazing. 

today kimbah is six months old. wuuuuuut. yeah i cant even get it through my head. these past six months are just flown by. i seriously didnt even blink. to think that she will be a year old before i know it, makes me pretty sad. i mean, its bittersweet. she is so much fun right now. she has the best personality that i am just head over heels for. she does this fake cry, that we just think is the cutest. she is teething, but no teeth have cut through. she is still sleeping in our bed, with no end in sight. im just not ready to let her leave my side. i know thats selfish of me, but whatever. i feel like its better to have her close than have her far away and feel abandoned. i dont want her to feel that way. id rather have her fucked up because her mom was too attached than to be fucked up because she didnt get the love and affection she needed. i wish i knew how to find a balance. BUT i am putting her down for naps. thats a step in the right direction i think.  i will even close the door and put the monitor on. & no i dont have a video camera monitor thingy. i just kick it old school with a walkie talkie type thingy. im convinced i cant ever hear her though it, but maybe its just me being suuuuper annoying. she is still creeping to and fro, but she is trying to crawl. i hate to say that i am stopping her from doing so....but i am. she hasnt completed nearly as much creeping as id like her to, and she isnt creeping in a complete cross pattern either. i know from working with conor, that when she is three....shes gonna pick a fight with me to get down and do it over. but shes gonna do it. if its now or later....shes gonna do it. she is super strong. like crazy strong. she isnt sitting up on her own yet, but im not too worried about it because i never have her sitting. she is always moving. 

another huge thing happened this weekend. i got a hair cut. its been over a year since my last, and i seriously had not even noticed how bad my hair was. i mainly wear it in a bun, so i dont see it. we dont have a full length mirror in this house, come to think of it..... we only have one mirror in the bathroom and it only shows me my face. i kinda like it that way because i tend to be somewhat critical of my body. however, i cut off about 8 inches. it felt so liberating. i felt so sure about it, that i felt like a new lady walking out of that salon. i encourage every new mommy to get a new haircut. you will thank me later. 

we are trying to eat out less, and eat at home more. i am planning weekly meal menus & cooking M-F. 
id like to lose 20 lbs before our summer vacation. we will see. 

sorry this post was all over the place. hopefully ill get into the habit of posting more inspiring topics. maybe some DIY or cooking posts. 


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