Friday, April 19, 2013

Spring Days

spring is here! the weather is warm, and the days are getting longer! oh how i thought winter would last forever. living on the east coast has been an adjustment. its not as bad as people say it is though. it could be far worse. im loving the changing of the seasons. i love seeing the blossoms on the trees and i love hearing all the birdies chirp outside my window. its like the earth is being reborn. its not something you see in southern california. the trees do not shed like they do here. i mean the trees were so naked. now the trees are filling out with pretty pink flowers and lots of bees are flying around. not to forget about the wasps either. people in our neighborhood are starting to pot and plant flowers, take nightly walks, and hanging out at the parks. park time has become kimbahs favorite time of day. it is such an uplifting part of our routine. just getting outside and laying under a big shady tree, does wonders. here are some photos of the past few days at the park.

see her on that swing? ugh. perfection. 

thanks for reading up about our times at the park! hope its sunny where you are!


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