Wednesday, May 8, 2013

checkin in

hey out there! i have a minute to sit an write about some moments that i dont want forgotten, and to say hey!

we have been indoors most days because the weather hasnt been the prettiest, and indoor play gets boring at times. this has resulted in mid day baths, long naps, and ive gotten a chance to sew some diapers together. papa has had a few duty days in the last few weeks, and those days are much longer for us. on one of the saturdays he had off, we went to a thrift store and we found this rocking horse. its kind of falling apart, but it can be fixed up just fine. we also found her a little people farm set that she just gets a kick out of. she likes for me to set up all the animals in their places and she takes them out one by one. she loves the sounds they make, and loves me to refer to her as the farmer, and thats her farm. its really cute.

 on that same saturday we went to Cogans Pizza in the Ghent neighborhood. here we are waiting for our pizza. kimbah loves pizza crust. shes just like her mama that way. i love a good slice. papa and mama had a beer with our pizza, and boy did it feel like we were back home in san diego. there are times when i feel at home here, in virginia. when we are walking into town, we cross a bridge over the water. the entire time im walking i can smell the salt water and it takes me to coast highway, windows down on a long drive down the coast. thats the one thing about living on fort monroe that i love. it feels like home away from home. and honestly, i really love it here. i may cry when i leave. i guess i always know that ill go back to san diego. its not even a question. thats where kevin and i want to raise our family. thats where we belong. but this place, its surprised me in ways i never imagined. when i walk outside in the morning to take out the trash, its a pleasant dewy temperature. it feels like spring. the wind is warm, and i can feel the storm coming in. you know on movies how they say,"looks like the storm is coming?" well i know what that means here. its like you can just feel it. i love the smell of rain here. it doesnt smell like asphalt, it smells like grass and seat salt. i love the effortless green, and the perfect looking grass and trees. san diego doesnt know what green grass is. it looks like someone is out there with fertilizer 24/7. i have squirrels outside my windows playing in the trees. they jump from tree to tree. the rabbits here arent scared of anyone. they just hangout. i mean i could go on about why i love this place, but one day we will leave here. and it will feel so great to be heading west. and thats what i think of, coming home. coming home to my family and friends in san diego. mexican food, baseball, mountains, desert, sushi... it will be bittersweet. but i know that once we leave. we probably wont come back here. maybe when kim is old enough and wants to see where she was born. then we can come back to old point comfort. 

 i mean. do you see this face? we are at the park down the street from our house. we like to go there and lay out that big patchwork quilt and just soak up the sun. we will swing for a little, spin around for a little, and listen to some music on pandora. im super lucky to be able to stay home with her everyday. i really am thankful for that opportunity. 

and here is my daughter after pulling toys off the shelves an sticking them in her mouth. it was probably her way of saying," i want this, so im going to put my cooties all up on it so that my mom cant put it back." touche lil one. 

so thats kind of my round up. its super randomness, but hey......isnt everything?


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