Friday, May 24, 2013

Auntie Duty

Paisley Rae Quinlan
May 23, 2013
of perfection.

she made me an auntie you guys! we waited and waited for her for almost three days, but she is here. she was snug as a bug in there, and didnt want to come, just like her bad cousin kimbah. if you remember my birth story, you know how that went. my labor was not nearly as long and drawn out as my sisters. i thought that i had it rough, but i see now that my body actually responded quite well. anyways enough about me. PAISY is here!! 

 now, i dont know why we are calling her paisy over here, but i think its because i want kimbah to be able to say it easily. we have been checking on her through the nifty website they have set up in the nursery she is in, and kim is just so interested in seeing her paisy on the screen. we are a facetime family over here, thats how kim knows her aunties and grandparents right now, unfortunately. so its in great form that we talk to paisy all day and make sure she is looking cute at all times. seeing her laying there makes me just swell up, and it hurts my heart that i cant hold her and love on her. i know how it felt for my family only being able to see photos of kimberly after her birth. it sucks! but ill take what i can get! technology these days, i thank all the nerds of the world. you guys rock it. 

during my sisters labor i was on the edge of my seat. she was being induced on her due date, and i was really nervous for her. i was more nervous than i led on. i think during the process my family started noticing how nervous i was because i kept calling and texting to check on her. you all may know how i originally planned a natural birth for kim, but that didnt happen. i prepared up until the day i had her, reading everything under the sun about medicines, procedures, what ones i was okay with, ones i wasnt, how to ask the right questions, what questions to ask, ect.... i thought i would be laboring alone, so i knew i had to be educated and take the wheel of my own birth experience. going into my sisters induction i knew she wasnt as informed as i was, and i tried to coach her from the east coast. well time zones and really unreliable sister sources, i wasnt able to get up to date info on what they were doing/offering. with the series of events that were going on, and the late responses i was getting, i was frustrated. beyond frustrated. it was like i could see the future, and trying to warn everyone about it, but no one was know how that feels? yea. all i could do was wait it out i guess. this isnt my birth story, so im not going to tell it, but thats my feelings about it. i was so sad for my sister that she wasnt experiencing all that her experience could be. as a woman who hoped for a natural unmedicated labor, i wanted all the perks of it. the catching of my baby, the skin to skin and immediate feeding. i wanted to wait to cut the cord, i wanted to bond with my baby and get that baby high, you know? well during my delivery i didnt get that, but i had complications. i was given her about five minutes after her birth and we were able to be skin to skin. she was able to breast feed right then, and she never left my side. my sister has a different situation. i dont know what it is like for a new mom who is recovering from a C section, but im sure its not the bees knees. any mommies out there want to give us some tips? please feel free to comment below. 

mama, daddy, baby are doing well. resting and loving on their lil baby. she is so perfect you guys. im a first time auntie over here, and let me tell you. i love her like she is my own. i just want to love on her. i know her and kimbah will be the best of friends. she doesnt even know she has a big cousin! just wait until she realizes. its going to be so so fun. when we go home for vacation i dont know how im gonna leave her! oh, and the newborn smell. i need it in my life. but currently kimberly is teething and very clingy. my fever has been broken, and put to rest. i hope i dont have it again for at least 5 years. ill just love on paisy until then. 

 the happiest of birthdays sweet girl,
 welcome to the family.
& welcome to parenthood you two. 

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