Friday, May 31, 2013

enjoying the small things

 first beach trip:

this past weekend we took kimbah to the beach for the first time. we love watching her discover her surroundings, and taking in new feels. she has been on sand one time before, at the Cullipher Farms strawberry field. the sand at the beach is different. its new sand they brought in and layed fresh for the season. kevin had the whole weekend off, so we spent it picnic'n and playing at the playground. we really wanted her first trip to the beach to be with the both of us. we both love the ocean and love growing up near the water. kim doesnt know it yet, but she really lucked out with this beach here. the bay is really calm, and the sand is really soft. i cant wait to get her into a floatie and sit her under a big beach umbrella this summer. firsts are so bittersweet. she loved to put her feet in the sand and feel the water in her toes. she didnt really love having the water rush up on her, but maybe next time. she still has not been in a pool, maybe when we go home in july for vacation? all in all, beach was a success!

park time with daddy:

this little girl loves her papa. she loves waking up next to him on the weekends, scratching his face to wake him up. she immediately changes her tone from mama to dada as soon as he comes in from work. kevin doesnt get to take her to the park much, and is always jealous when i send him picture updates while he is at work and we are picnic'n in the park. we grabbed some subway and headed to the park before the beach, to get some good old fashioned fun! kimberly is so proud of herself lately when she does things on her own, such a big girl these days. nothing lights up her face more than a big push from papa on the swings. i mean, look at her. im just chop liver.

some bread and turkey for her, with a side of salt and vinegar chips that daddy let her try. 
we are so in love with her. 
i cant believe she will be one so soon. this year just went by so quickly. 
time to start planning the party i guess. 

thanks for reading! 


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